Company’s philosophy

Security which you need in your daily production routine.

BÖHMLER’s philosophy is to satisfy his customers and employees.

Customer focus

Our claim is to be better than our competition. The minimum ambition is to fulfill the customer’s expectations in all divisions. Zero defect deliveries on time is our quality philosophy.

Employees satisfaction

Besides the quality control and safety at work we focus equally on human beings and environment. A flat organization guarantees fast decisions and having a pleasant surrounding motivates our employees. Each of them is responsible at his workplace for quality and protection of the environment.

Continuous improvement

We commit ourselves to a continuous improvement of the process and products concerning quality and environment. Error prevention comes first before error discovery.


The complete company and each employee has the responsibility to work economically with energy and to minimize emission, sewage and waste. With measuring the environmental impact we steadily try to minimize the ecological burden/pollution and to fulfill or to be under the environmental regulations and restrictions.
We commit ourselves to the relevant environment regulations and beyond , meeting all relevant binding duties.

Supplier orientation

The relation to our suppliers is based on partnership and we keep quality and environment in mind as well as other important aspects selecting new suppliers.