5. July 2019

Mayor Peter Boch visits Böhmler

Only a few days after the inauguration of our new building, Peter Boch, mayor of Pforzheim, paid us a visit.
27. May 2019

Inauguration of our new building

Last weekend we hosted two functions to inaugurate. We thank all our guests, businesspartners, employees and friends for coming and celebrating with us.
20. December 2018

Nacht der Emotionen

Böhmler Drehteile again partner of the highlight event
20. December 2018

Great premiere for Talents Unplugged

Together with Böhmer Drehteile a new Event is born successfully
20. December 2018

Spectacular Face

Our new building gets its great look with the spectacular glazing
20. December 2018

Böhmler on the Electronica

Böhmler Drehteile again part oft he major show for the electronic industry in Munich
19. December 2018

Current certificates

We are happy about passing all the relevant certificates