Quality & Environment

Quality management

The philosophy at BÖHMLER has been to aspire to quality and perfection for centuries and has been always the basis for growth and competitiveness. The confidence of our long-time customers is based on that and they describe it with having a ”good feeling” getting such a performance for their high requirements. This is one side.

To ensure our customers security for their decisions and investments we got certified to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 for quality management built up for our production and administration processes. This guarantees us the quality control for the required process security and reproducibility and for our customers the uncompromising quality. And this is the other side …… of the same medal.

Environmental management

Besides the quality control and safety at work we focus at Böhmler equally on human beings and environment. We set a great value on energy resource savings, nonpolluting production and have a waste management. With our certification DIN ISO 14001 we underline our environmental ambition.